Take My Picture

The last video we released as part of our Mansions EP rollout and most likely the last thing created in The Mansion before it was torn down to make way for an apartment complex called 'The Virility' or something equally as moronic.

The video came about my a story Rohin told me one night when he got home after a show we had played at Yours and Owls. Around that time we were touring and playing shows so much that staying up all night and sleeping all day was the common practice with the three of us. Rohin had gotten home from the show and was so exhausted he ran a bath and got in fully clothed and fell asleep.  Of course he could have drowned so i figured it'd make a good video.

We shot it over two nights, one at the Mansion of course and then the other at Paul's parents house in their pool for the under water shots. That night was the coldest night on record for Wollongong and we spent most of it in a fucking swimming pool...

My house mate / International Boog video director Jimmi came in with his underwater cam. He'd basically take a huge breath, go under the water, i'd stand on him with my foot and then yell action for rohin to jump in the water and go crazy. the water was so cold, we'd then have to immediately jump into the spa on the side of the pool to warm up before trying it again. There's some pictures of us freezing our sacks off below.

FYI - check the weather before organising underwater shoots.