Fan Videos

We're always well chuffed when 'fans' (or just about anyone who digs our tunes) makes surf / snowboarding / skating / video clips using our music. Since the B-Sides record was released, we've been sent a bunch of videos from France, from people who have been doing some extra-curricular stoking out. This video by a group from France called EBEN made one of our favourite videos so far. It's a short clip called 'Lonesome' and they patched it up with one of the tracks from the Mansions EP 'Dead Man's Alter'

I would never thought to have gone this way with this song and it's always a mind fuck when someone takes music that you have made and have all these ideas and pre-concieved images about and then flips it and makes it appear in a completely new light. Should totally make a vid if you feel so inclined