Iceland Tour Diary // Part Two

Some Icelandic nerding out on my end from what I gathered on the trip…. 

  The country was established in the Viking days, branched off the Norwegian empire around the 800's and has been through several political movements since.

  The neutral policy during WWII and the fact that no active army has resulted in a community that needs minimal law enforcement and thereby encourages an epic environment for a fiesta. 

  The country thrives purely off its own agriculture and geothermal energy which has shaped its people and environment in a unique way. The Icelandics seem to have a uniquely genuine approach to living, intelligence and an unspoken trust in one another.  This explains why it is regarded as one of the safest, greenest and well rounded countries in the world. 

  Yoko Ono visits every year on John Lennon’s birthday to ignite a "freedom light" that shines straight up in the air in Reykjavik. The light stays on until the date of his death several months later.

  Free Willy died only a few years ago in Reykjavik.  After being caught in Reykjavik Harbour (opposite our hotel) he was transported over water to the United States where he soon became the most famous killer whale in history. After a short and sweet career in film he was returned to Reykjavik harbour where he battled drug addiction for years before meeting Mrs Willy…….  

~ Rohin