Iceland Tour Diary // Part Five

Overall many great bands were seen and met and the lineup was killer with some of our favourite bands jamming; The Flaming Lips, Unknown Mortal Orchestra and The War on Drugs.  The big names were sick no doubt, however my favourite acts were those I saw on a random stroll at a random time with a random drink and in the company of random people. 7 days of this kind of thing lead to enjoying music on a purely momentary and old school level which is a unique experience compared to "going to see a band that your into". I couldn't begin to write down the amount of cool stuff we saw because of the combination between the comprehensive program and losing track of the venues, dates or times. The festival was an unexpected adventure for all of us. As our time there cruised by, this approach of walking into the festival with a few local lagers deep, became more and more the vibe and some special moments were had. 

We didn't play our shows until the last couple of days of the tour which was cool as we got to vibe it out more, recover from jet lag and meet some sick people. I think we were all a little worried about the first show due to the fact our set times clashed with The Knife's last ever show and Future Islands. We were scheduled into a venue far bigger than I expected for our first ever show in Iceland. As we approached the stage at 10pm I looked out to see the room filling up fast, from the get go shit was really pumping and the venue was packed by the halfway point of the set. The next day’s show was rad to. It was more chilled vibe but the room amazingly again was packed in. This venue was more intimate but was actually one of the funnest shows we have ever played.

On our last day Clare and Stephen from FBI hooked us up with a recording session in Greenhouse Studios. We had a song lying around which felt right for the climate (a bit country, a bit euro and a song that speaks transit to us). The session was super sick and we were all like little kids in a theme park. It was a cool opportunity to record this song as it was a song that we have all been digging for some time. The time in the studio was really special as we had an opportunity to document this special trip we had all taken. Being in the studio is our favourite past time as a band and it was a real treat to be in a pro environment as opposed to one of our lounge rooms or friends’ houses. Looking back on it now this song captures some incredible memories of our time in Iceland and was a perfect way to wind up to trip. 

~ Rohin