Can casinos change the odds on those slot games

Can casinos change the odds on those slot gamesA question that often comes up around slot games is — can casinos change the odds on the games. You know what, it is even actually a question. Usually what I come across are a lot of tales about how casinos change the odds on the slot games and how to find the best games to play at. For example, I should play a game at the end of a row in a land based casino because those pay out more often so that other gamblers see people win I shouldn’t play the slots at the Las Vegas Airport because they have terrible odds. And I should play for as much money as possible because casino set better odds on machines with higher wagers.

Now some of these are true. Some are debatable. Let’s take machine placement in a land based casino. Yes, a casino actually can change the odds on a machine so that certain machines and certain locations play better. But this isn’t a quick and easy process. Usually a casino will let the manufacturer of the game know what they want the odds to be, so for the placement myth to be true, a casino would have to know in advance which machines it wanted near the end of a row. But what happens if one of those malfunctions? Well, the casino isn’t going to leave a prime spot with a broken machine, so they’ll switch it out. And the repaired machine will probably end up somewhere else. So the placement myth is one that just probably isn’t worth a casino’s time to keep up with. Now, I’m not sure about those slot machines at the airport, but my guess is that they probably aren’t the best games in Vegas to play.

But most of these slot myths don’t work if you play online video slots. Except the one about the amount you wager. This turns out to have some truth behind it. Like to play penny slots? Well, they have the worst payouts in the casino. The reason being that a casino doesn’t need to lure players to the penny slots. They want you at the dollar slots. So those games will pay out better. But this doesn’t mean you should play them. Keep an eye on your bankroll. You can have a night of fun on penny slots for the same amount that might be lucky to last an hour at the dollar slots.