What’s up with Free Slots

What’s up with Free SlotsHere’s a question I sometimes get — why do onlein casinos offer their online slots for free? After all, you won’t see that sort of offer at a Las Vegas casino and the casinos don’t get any money when we play for free.

First let’s take a look at why land based casinos don’t offer free slot games. Now, you might be tempted to say “well, because they won’t win any money that way.” And you’re partly correct. But consider this — land based casinos have limited space to offer the games in. So they need to use all the space possible to make money. So, they can’t have people taking up playing space and games while playing for free. It just makes sense.

But let’s look at online casino. Games there occupy virtual space. This means that if one player is playing slots for free, it doesn’t stop another player from playing slots for real money. So, it’s not costing the casino much to let you play for free, but what do they hope to gain from it?

Well, the casino hopes that if you play a slot game for free, you’ll be caught up in the excitement and want to play that game for real money. I’ve played games at many online casinos where every time I hit a big win, the casino popped up a message letting me know I’d have won big if I’d been playing for real money.  This is what the casino is after. They want us to play for free because that gives them a chance to turn us into real money players.